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The city hall of Cullera is located in the riverbank of the Júcar River and near the Mediterranean Sea. It is located 30 km from the capital, Valencia. The Júcar River flows out in this town, irrigating the municipal district of Cullera, through an irrigation system designed in the Muslim era. The Júcar also irrigates almost all the region of the Ribera Baja. In addition of the Júcar River, there is also a lagoon of L’Estany, located in the south of the town which runs into the sea. This is an habitual fishing area.

The climate is thermomediterranean: it is dry with yearly temperatures above 17ºC. It has homegrown vegetation, orange trees, rice paddies, olive trees, carob trees and fruit trees.

In front of its seashores it has a tiny islet named peñeta del moro.1

Cullera, along with the towns of Valencia, Alfafar, Sedaví, Catarroja, Masanasa, Albal, Beniparrell, Silla, Sollana, Sueca, Albalat de la Ribera and Algemesí, are members of the Parque Natural de la Albufera.


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Paella de marisco.

Cullera is one of the places where the preparation of paella and arroz is the most deeply rooted. It has a wide and varied recipe book which includes different ways of preparing rice: Dry, “melosos“, “caldosos“, with meat, fish, seafood, with vegetables, etc.

There are typical dishes like “all i pebre” (with potatoes, eels, garlic and spicy pepper), the “espardenyà” (with potatoes, eels, rabbit and eggs), the “suquet de peix“, the zarzuela or the fideuá.

In baking, the “coca de limonada“, the “buñuelos de Fallas“, the “pasteles de boniato“, the “Torta Cristina” or the “coca de nueces y pasas“.


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